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Personal development, behaviour and welfare are outstanding 

Staff are inspirational role models and children are extremely polite and behave impeccably. Children have outstanding opportunities to challenge their physical skills. They are exceptionally confident to move in highly challenging ways, such as using climbing walls and cargo nets. Children develop an incredibly good understanding of healthy eating.
For example, they are enthusiastic about harvesting their own fruit and vegetables at their allotment. Children have outstanding opportunities to gain impressive levels of respect and understanding of the wider world. For example, they explore how different countries, such as Bulgaria and Poland, traditionally celebrate Christmas. 

                                                                                                                                                                      OFSTED MARCH 2018

So who are we?

Westside Pre-School is a family owned provision and has what parents have described as "a homely feel"

The highly qualified Management team have over 25 years’ experience working in childcare and use ideas both traditional and innovative to help guide children and parents along the path of early education. 

Our facilities and equipment, which is constantly upgraded, is second to none as is our renowned SEND practice, parents can feel reassured in their child's progress at any time day or night by accessing it via a secure app. 

If your child is eligible for free childcare, then at Westside that is what your child will receive, 100% free childcare, no add on's or top ups, guaranteed


                                                                                  Booking places;

We offer full day care including morning and afternoon sessions for children aged between 2 and 5 years old.

        Morning sessions   (9am till 12)  Monday to Friday

        Afternoon sessions (12 till 3pm) Monday to Friday

All day 9am till 3pm Monday to Friday



       Morning sessions 9am till 12am* 

                  Monday to Friday

       Afternoon sessions 12am till 3pm* 

                   Monday to Friday

*click on session to book


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