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Westside Pre-School has adopted the following policies and procedures to ensure that we provide an excellent quality inclusive provision to everyone accessing our services.   Staff are introduced to all policies and procedures as part of the induction process. All staff and parents/carers are invited to be involved in adopting, implementing and reviewing policies. 


Westside Pre-School will ensure the following:

  • Copies of all our policies and procedures are available to all parent/carers and staff. A folder containing a paper copy all the policies and procedures is available to view at the registration area.

  • Regular staff meetings are held to discuss, review and agree each policy statement and procedure.

  • All new staff members, families and visitors will be informed of relevant policies and procedures and informed of how to access them as needed.

  • All relevant policies and procedures will be in place, the Pre-School Manager will discuss and identify the need to implement new policies or procedures due to changes in Government legislation.

  • All policies and procedures are written in plain English. Westside Pre-School will seek to translate into relevant languages and formats (e.g. Braille/Taped) as needed.

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